Zic International Consulting

51-200 موظفين

عمال في النسيج في بنغازي طرابلس

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Our company ZIC INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING is a Spanish company established in Tunisia and present in 27 countries around the world.


Our goal is to help North African companies trade with Europe and assist with the import and export of several types of products through our platform which represents more than 4000 companies in several activities.


Our team of specialists is at your disposal for:

-Purchase of European franchises

-Imports of European products (industrial Jin machines, food products, etc.).

-Price negotiation and administrative work.

-Partnership between companies North Africa / Europe.

-Creation of the import department of the company.

-Creation of external export department.

-Social research in several activities.

- Meeting schedule in Spain and Europe.


-Negotiation for obtaining franchise and master franchise.

-Conseil and Market Research Import / Export.